Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update 3 Submitted!

The character DLC page is just a part of our in-game catalog. Just scroll to Hookbot's page to unlock him. He's free. It's a secret to everybody! Except for people that saw this blog post, the last post, the twitter announcement, or people that just look at his DLC page.

New stuff in this update:

Eruption Mode - The sequel to Avalanche Mode, and just as big. Features all new landscapes based on the Fungus, Ruins, and Lava levels. Eruption abandons secret paths and concentrates on pure survival.

Three All New Unlockable Characters - Gnomey, Aldora, and Hookbot. All new characters have new hats and their own signature grappling hook!

Three New Paid-DLC characters - Jake, Gunny, and Super QuackHook. Learn more about them in the Rocketcatalog.

Almost all the new characters have their own signature rocketboots visual effect.

More achievements! More hats and grappling hooks! New rewards for getting the more difficult achievements!

Finder of Secrets Gold, and all other achievements, are now possible to get.

Stronger achievement detection.

Tons more dialog in the shop. All the characters can talk with the new characters, and all new characters can also talk with the other new characters, leading to a lot more conversations.

Super Ultra Secret Level, so secret that I'm mentioning it in the patch notes.

Racing-ghosts' ropes have been made less obtrusive.

Various bugfixes and tweaks.

New Performance Mode for people that were having lag problems. Let us know if you still experience lag... the small percentage of people that have lag problems will be our focus in the next couple updates.

Coming as soon as Apple approves it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Update 3 Screenshots

Update 3 is running quite late. To help pass the time, here are some screenshots.

As soon as it's submitted, I'll post a full changelog in this blog. There's a large amount of stuff in this update. We're working on adding some extra features, since it's delayed at this point, anyway.

Yes, Gnomey's grappling hook is made out of rainbows. Yes, that's a backwards baseball cap on him. Yes, he does have a rap song about rainbows he'd like to share with you.

Hookbot with the Magnificent Golden Helmet. He's buried among the paid-DLC characters, but he actually costs nothing if you go on his character page in the Rocketcatalog. Hookbot, Gnomey, and Aldora are free. Gunny and Jake cost 99 cents each. Super QuackHook costs $1.99, being more expensive since it's a duck that can wear hats.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Update 3 Snippets Part 2

Behold! More Update 3 images, including the concept sketch for Aldora, one of the new unlockable characters to be added in the patch.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update 3 Snippets

Update 3 (in addition to other mysterious things) is still underway. In the meantime here is some of the new art that will be included in the update.

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