Friday, April 30, 2010

Super QuickHook Lineup

In addition to the Hook Champ DLC portraits, here are the upcoming QuickHook characters immediately available at release. They are Jakob, Tara and the Hermit. One of them is related to Jake from HookChamp (can you guess who???).

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Hook Champ DLC Profile Art

Saved from the old blog, here are the profiles from the DLC screens of Hookbot and Zelle.

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New Blog!

Our new blog will cover a wide variety of things:

- Trailers
- Official Art
- Fan Art and other fan submissions
- Music
- Behind the Scenes Stuff
- Other games we like

Twitter will cover things like:

- General Announcements
- Update News
- New Game Release News
- What we're working on right now
- Notifications when the Blog is updated

Expect Weekly updates to the Blog and Daily updates for Twitter!